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The company organizes outdoor development activities in Anji

On May 21, 2018, in Anji Scenic Area, the company organized a marketing and production management team to carry out an outdoor development activity entitled "Love me Jin Taishen and win a new future".
The participants were randomly divided into two teams, and their captains, team names, team songs and slogans were determined. "friendship first, competition later". Competing with each other and encouraging each other, in a united, friendly, cheerful and joyful atmosphere, they completed a number of training programs one after another.

Infinite scenery is in the dangerous peak. Success stems from individual resilience and teamwork. The sweat splattered along the way turned into the happy smiles of everyone who climbed to the top and covered the mountains.
In this expansion activity, all the team members showed a good mental state. All team members can participate in each training project with serious efforts and a positive spirit.

Through this activity, the employees of the company expressed that they have deeply understood their own potential, increased their self-confidence, overcome their psychological inertia, tempered their perseverance to overcome difficulties, improved their ability to solve problems, and improved their ability to solve problems. I have experienced the great power and breakthrough of courage, trust, teamwork, and collaboration, and the joy of success, which has an important enlightening effect on my future thinking and handling of work and life, especially the improvement of personal and team capabilities.