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What is cotton lining fabric?

This is a soft, breathable fabric although it's not static. It is machine washable and it feels good against the skin. Cotton's low cost and availability make it a popular choice.

Cotton is a very popular choice for lining fabrics thanks to its low cost and availability, but it's important to keep in mind that it wrinkles easily and shrinks after washing. Still, it's a great option for those seeking a fabric that feels good against the skin.

Cotton fabrics are a perfect choice for a tote bag lining. Choose a sturdy, all-purpose muslin, colorful broadcloth, or attractive cotton print. It's often a good idea to use interfacing or stabilizer to provide more structure depending on the bag fabric and style.

Heavier fabrics work well with various types of lining. Here's a little piece of advice: For summer clothes like flimsy dresses, skirts, and pants: choose cotton lining fabric for cotton garments (lawn, voile, or batiste) and silk lining for silk ones (habotai, chiffon, satin, crepe de chine).

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