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Types and performance of Pocket Lining Fabric

Bonding of interlining to the fabric

1. It can be firmly bonded to the fabric. After bonding, it feels soft and full of crispness and resilience. After bonding, the surface of the fabric wrinkle recovers quickly.

2. The bonding temperature is low, and the shrinkage is coordinated with the fabric.

3. The amount of adhesive coating is uniform, the amount of fixation is uniform, the adhesive has no leakage, is resistant to death, and the adhesive performance of long-term storage is also unchanged.

4. Interlinings do not stick to each other during cutting, non-stick cutting knives, non-stick sewing needles, sewing machines, or smooth feeding.

5. Does not damage the physiology of clothing, such as breathability.

(1) Garment interlining: refers to a textile material applied to the inner layer of various parts of the garment in order to show the characteristics of the garment design during garment processing.

(2) Base fabric: commonly known as the base fabric, the fabric used for weaving interlining.

(3) Cotton and linen interlining: refers to cotton or linen that has not been processed or is only starched and stiffened. It is a relatively primitive interlining.

(4) Woven resin black carbon interlining: also known as wool interlining, it is made of cotton, chemical fiber, wool pure or blended as light yarn, chemical fiber blended with yak hair or other animal hair as weft yarn, warped into base cloth, and warped Interlining made of resin finishing.

(5) Woven resin interlining: interlining made of cotton and chemical fiber pure or blended woven or knitted fabrics, scouring bleaching or dyeing and other finishing, and resin finishing. Referred to as resin lining.

(6) Woven (or knitted) hot-melt adhesive interlining: cotton and chemical fiber pure or blended woven or knitted fabrics, made after scouring, bleaching, dyeing, and other finishing, and evenly coated with thermoplastic hot-melt adhesive interlining. Referred to as woven fusible interlining.

(7) Non-woven hot-melt fusible interlining: also known as non-woven fusible interlining. It refers to the interlining cloth made of non-woven fabric coated with thermoplastic hot melt adhesive. Stitch-bonded nonwoven fusible interlinings also fall into this category.

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