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Introduction of Printed Lining Fabric

The printed cloth is processed by high-temperature printing and dyeing of gray cloth printing paper. It was very popular in the Tang and Song Dynasties and reached its peak in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It was once loved by people and was used as a must-have item for dowry quilts and clothes.

The pattern on the calico is called a pattern, tile column, and flower pattern.

Printed cloth can be divided into transfer printing and penetration printing according to different processes.

According to different printing processes equipment can be divided into:

1) Hand-printed cloth. Including batik, tie-dye, tie-flower, hand-painted, hand-plate printing, and so on.

2) Machine-printed cloth:

—— A. Roller printing.

—— B. Screen printing. (including flat screen printing, and rotary screen printing)

—— C. Transfer calico.

—— D. Other printed fabrics: inkjet printing, electrostatic printing, scalding, burnt-out, resist dyeing, discharge dyeing, flocking printing, etc. The fabric has the characteristics of lightness, softness, elasticity, comfort, and luster.

Printed fabric made of polyester low-stretch yarn. The structure of the fabric is made of a satin plain weave, which is interwoven on an air-jet loom. Features such as soft and smooth.

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