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Down Proof Lining Fabric is a specialized textile

Down Proof Lining Fabric is a specialized textile that helps to keep feathers and down fill from escaping through bedding, garment, and other textile products. Through specialized weaves, thread count, and surface treatments, downproof fabrics help to maintain the quality, insulation, and durability of down-filled textile products. Downproof fabrics are used extensively in the production of luxury down-filled bedding items like duvets, pillows, and comforters, as well as outerwear that utilizes down insulation such as jackets and vests. 
There are many different types of Proof Fabric available on the market, including Percale, Satin, and Batiste. Percale is the softest and most lightweight of these fabrics, while satin is typically reserved for wedding gowns and formal attire. A down-proof fabric must be tightly woven and treated to create a barrier that prevents feathers from leaking through the fabric. The most popular down-proof fabrics also feature a high thread count and are cired or teflon coated to provide additional durability and moisture resistance.
Besides preventing the escape of down feathers and fill, Down Proof Fabric can also play an important role in ensuring that the down clusters remain fluffed and resilient. If the down clusters become broken from repeated washing and tumble drying, they will lose their ability to insulate and stay warm. It is important to avoid over-drying a down comforter or pillow, as this can cause the down clusters to break into tiny pieces that leak through the best down proof fabric.
In addition to keeping down inside of down products, Down Proof Fabric can also be beneficial for DIY projects that involve making sleeping bags and other camping gear. Authentic down is expensive for some applications, and down alternative fabric can be an effective replacement when budget limitations are a consideration. However, real down has unique properties that make it a superior choice for camping and backpacking. Using Calendered and Down Proof Fabric for these applications can help to reduce the cost of these projects without sacrificing quality or performance. Calendered and Down Proof Fabric is available in a wide range of weights, colors, and weaves to suit nearly any project or need.