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Classification and characteristics of Yarn-Dyed Lining Fabric

Fabrics woven with dyed yarns are generally divided into two methods: yarn-dyed yarns and dyed yarns. Generally speaking, yarn-dyed fabrics refer to fabrics woven by shuttle looms, but knitting machines can also do excellent knitted fabric. Compared with printing and dyeing cloth, it has a unique style, but the price is more expensive. Because the total loss of dyeing, weaving and finishing of yarn-dyed fabrics is relatively large, and the output of Taiwan's production is not as high as that of white-gray fabrics, the cost increases.

One: According to different raw materials, it can be divided into yarn-dyed cotton, yarn-dyed polyester-cotton, yarn-dyed mid-length wool-like tweed, full wool tweed, wool-polyester tweed, wool-polyester-viscose three-in-one tweed, slub gauze, pimple gauze, etc., There are also many yarn-dyed fabrics made of silk and hemp.

Two: According to different weaving methods, it can be divided into plain yarn-dyed fabric, yarn-dyed poplin, yarn-dyed plaid, Oxford cloth, chambray, denim, khaki, twill, herringbone, gabardine, satin, dobby, Jacquard cloth and so on.

Three: According to the different process characteristics of the front and rear channels, it can also be divided into the color warp and white weft cloth (Oxford cloth, youth cloth, denim cloth, denim cloth, etc.), color warp and color weft cloth (striped cloth, plaid cloth, sheet cloth, Plaid, etc.) and various yarn-dyed plush fabrics formed by the subsequent process of napping, napping, sanding, and shrinking.

The color fastness is better, because the yarn is dyed first, and the color will penetrate into the yarn, while the printed and dyed cloth generally peels off the yarn and you will find that some places are not colored. The minimum order quantity is small. Regardless of the yarn weaving, density, texture, or color, tens of meters or hundreds of meters can be made, but it is difficult to customize dyed printed fabrics without gray fabrics, and the dyeing and printing process will also limit small-batch production.

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