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Advantages and applications of Spandex Lining Fabric

Spandex is a kind of elastic fiber, which has strong elasticity, can stretch up to 600%, and can return to its original shape. It is stronger, more breathable, and more wear-resistant than rubber.

Spandex Lining Fabric has a small percentage of components used in general clothes. Spandex is soft and easy to dye. Spandex is full of elasticity and can be stretched to 5 to 7 times its natural length. Its resilience is not as good as that of rubber, but it is more durable. This material is not very hygroscopic, and the moisture absorption is only 1% of its own weight. Spandex is less prone to pilling and does not build up static electricity. For everyday care, it is recommended to wash spandex fabrics at or below 40°C, but the water temperature can be increased to 60°C if necessary. Substances containing ionized chlorine such as swimming pool water will reduce the elasticity and elongation of spandex.

Due to its excellent elasticity and strength, anti-wrinkle, and quick-drying characteristics, spandex is widely used in different clothing, especially intimate clothing. Spandex is commonly found in athletic clothing such as professional swimwear, leggings, triathlon clothing, gym suits, tennis underwear, certain belts, and other dancer clothing and dance belts; used medically as a protective material for the skeletal system Pads, therapeutic compression garments, and surgical tubing. Some furniture items, such as microbead pillows, are also often made of spandex.

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